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High-Speed Function Generator APV6002
・Channel: 2CH, Differential output
・ Sampling: 2.5GS/s
・Resolution: 16bit
・Interface: Ethernet (TCP/IP)
・Output waveform: Math functions, such as Sine wave, Rectangle wave, and arbitrary waveform*
 * Setting of waveform pattern by PC in advance.
Risetime, 395ps Sine, 250MHz Square, 125MHz

 X-ray Spectrameter, Gamma Imaging Module, NIM, etc... [22 October 2013]
X-ray spectra meter XS100

NIM Modules


Spectrum Mn-Kα
FWHM < 125eV@5.9leV
Input vsThroghput

Input vs Resolution




Diff CFD 8CH
The XS100 is X-ray spectrometer with SDD detector (30 mm2), which is a high-resolution. The XS100 was downsizing by integrated combination of SDD, DSP, high-voltage power supply and Peltier device. The pre-amplifier signal from SDD detector was carried out DSP processing by ADC (100 MHz, 14 bit) and FPGA. That data is transferred to a PC by USB connection. It was carried out transistor reset processing in an appropriate way. Therefore, it has substantially-improve the throughput.

 SDD 30mm2(active)
・Resolution(2us peaking time) 125eV@5.9keV
・Resolution(0.15us peaking time) 150eV@5.9keV
The APN101(1CH) and The APN102(2CH) is all-in-one digital spectrometer which has high-voltage power supply, preamp power, and MCA (Multi Channel Analyzer).
The APN508 is high accuracy DSP8CH, the APN532 is low cost performance.
The APN408 is differential CFD 8CH.

[DSP Performance]
・1.7keV@1.33MeV (Ge semiconductor detector)
・2.8〜3.5%@662keV (LaBr3(Ce) scintillation detector)
Spectroscopy amp, Timing filter amp, Filter shape output DAC, Pulser (test) output DAC, Auto Pole-Zero Cancelation, Coincidence(Option).
Gamma Imaging Module GIM256
Time Spectrometer APV8702


The GIM256 is a gamma imaging module of pixel scintillator system equipped with PS-PMT. GIM256 is equipped with all hardware (scintillator, PMT, circuit, and etc.) required for gamma-ray measurement.

511keV vs 511 keV timing measurment

22Na energy spectra
(coincidence gated)


WAVE mode

TAC mode
BaF2 vs BaF2
Therefore, it can be gamma-ray energy spectra measurement and 2D gamma-ray imaging by supplying DC5V from outside. The measurement data is suitable for application of high-count, because it can be fast transfer by 1.25 Gbps bidirectional transceiver and light fiber. Additionally, it can apply to applications by using compound with a number of this module, such as PET, and etc

・Crystal LFS(3x3x20mmx16x16 array at the scintillator)
(The scintillator can be changed to LYSO, LSO, GSO, LGSO, BGO and etc. )
・Position resolution 3mm
・Energy resolution 9.5%(typ)
・Time resolution 500ps@511keV
・Throughput > 100kcps
The APV8702 is a spectrometer for time analysis equipped with high-speed 3GHz ADC with each CH. Conventionally, the time analysis needed a number of radiation measurement module, such as differential CFD, delay, TAC, MCA, etc. The APV8702 has integrated them. An operation result is transferred to PC by Ethernet. The APV8702 is available of measurement such as lifetime measurement of positron annihilation.

・Time Resolution 192ps (BaF2 vs BaF2)
・Time Resolution 19ps (Pulser)
・Analysis mode wave height, TAC, waveform
 Digital filter 1.5GHz / 1GHz / 800MHz / 500MHz

Spectrum Survay meter TS215

The TS215 is a spectra survey meter with energy compensated for gamma-ray with 1.5 inch LaBr3(Ce) scintillator. It can be used for dose rate measurement in a wide range. The different time constant chart will be indicated on the LCD color display. Therefore we can check time variation of dose rate and energy spectra in real time. It is possible to the data transfer to PC by using an add-on interface in an optional feature.

・Resolution 2.8〜3.7% (137Cs, 662keV)
・Dose range 0.001μSv/h〜600μSv/h 
 Dose rate, Spectrum measurement,
 Nuclide identification(20 nuclides)

LaBr3(Ce)φ1.5 inch 

Dose mode

Spectrum mode 


 Started selling a digital spectra meter, "DS100" and "DS100L". [6 August 2012]
We will release a digital spectrometer "DS100", which is combined high-voltage power supply, preamplifier, and MCA (multi-channel analyzer). Additionally, "DS100L" is "DS100" with a LaBr3(Ce) scintillation detector.
DS100 DS100L
DS100 with LaBr3(Ce) scintillation detector
The target detectors are a semiconductor detector (Ge, CdTe, Si), a scintillation detector (LaBr3(Ce), NaI(Tl), CsI(Tl)) and the other. It is a common specification that the high-voltage power supply is ±0 〜 4000V, and preamplifier is ±12V and ±24V (compliant with standard NIM). The preamplifier of the detector signal direct input to DS100, the digital signal processing is performed by a high-speed ADC (100MHz・14Bit) and a highly integrated FPGA. The results of digital signal processing was shown a histogram by MCA function. The data is transferred to PC via a USB cable. The resolution is 1.7keV in 1.33MeV at Ge semiconductor detector and 2.8 to 3.5% at 662keV in LaBr3(Ce) scintillator, and throughput is more than 100kcps.
Configuration diagram
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