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2016 NEW
Multi-element SDD System for the Hard X-Ray and the Soft X-Ray
12 January 2016
Time Spectrometer, Function Generator, DSP, USB-MCA, etc...      21 October 2015
Gamma Imaging Modules, Time Spectrometer, NIM Modules, X-ray Spectrumeter, etc...     22 October 2013
We will begin selling a digital spectra meter, "DS100". 6 August 2012

    Started the sale of the SDD system that corresponds to the vaccum and equipped with focused SDD array. 2017
A new product lineup has been added to our SDD (Silicon Drift Detector) system. This system has gained popularity from customers. This new product XSDD 50-04-25, the focal length of the specimen can be made as short as possible by the detector surface at 25 degrees, and the measuring method can be expanded.

In addition to the excellent counting rate and energy resolution originally possessed by SDD, please enjoy the highest level measurement with the data measurement device APU 504 GbE which developed by our development / design specialist at your X-ray beam line.

It can be customized according to your request. Please do not hesitate to contact us for product details.

Started manufacturing and salling Vacuum Type SDD system. [12 January 2016]

   We launched manufacturing and selling SDD (Silicon Drift Detector) system which is corresponding to the vacuum. This new product has high counting rate and high energy resolution, and therefore it used by Photon Factory and Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Japan. This detector system is possible to measure a light element such as a carbon, and it realized a high sensivity using more SDD. We design and manufacture these kind of products by ourselves, so we customize a diameter and type of the flange, the number of elements of SDD and the length of the pipe.


XSDD50-04 Catalog

XSDD50-01 Catalog
4 element SDD, corresponding to the vacuum

1 element SDD, corresponding to the vacuum
SDD 65mm2 collimated 50mm2 Window-less or AP3.3 

All element area
260mm2 (65mm2 x 4 element)

Active area
200mm2 (65mm2 x collimated 50mm2 x 4 element)

65mm2 x collimated 50mm2
Vaccum capable
<10-5 Pa

Flange type
ICF114 (Standard)

ICF70 (Standard)
Option (Use cases)

Transport with bellows
corresponding to the vacuum

Gate valve and Angle valve
Transport with bellows
corresponding to the vacuum

Power Supply
-200V, ±5V, +3.3V

Recommended module
(Power Supply)

APN3900 (NIM module)
APV3900 (VME module)

APN301 (NIM module)
APV301 (VME module)
APU101XSDD (Stand alone) 

Recommended module
(Measurement Board)




 Time Spectrometer, Function Generator, DSP, USB-MCA, etc... [21 October 2015]

High-Speed Function Generator APV6002
・Channel: 2CH, Differential output
・ Sampling: 2.5GS/s
・Resolution: 16bit
・Interface: Ethernet (TCP/IP)
・Output waveform: Math functions, such as Sine wave, Rectangle wave, and arbitrary waveform*
 * Setting of waveform pattern by PC in advance.
Risetime, 395ps Sine, 250MHz Square, 125MHz

Digital Signal Processor APU101
APU101 is all-in-one digital spectrometer which has high-voltage power supply, preamp power, and MCA (Multi Channel Analyzer). Preamp signal of the detector is directly input to the APU101, and the digital signal processing is processed a high-speed ADC (100MHz, 14bit) and high-integrated FPGA. The measurement data will be transferred to the PC via Ethernet.
APU101 (Front) APU101 (Rear) Catalog

・Resolution: 125eV@5.9keV 2us PT (SDD)
         250eV@5.9keV 0.25us PT (multi SSD)
・Throughput: 1Mcps and more
・Trapezoidal filter: 0.1 - 12us
・Functions: ROI-SCA, Bias supply (±4000V), GATE, VETO
Screen of Application  

Multi-element SDD fluorescence X-ray

7 elements SDD and Data acquisition and power module.
XSDD50 Series is all-in-one system which has detector, which is needed X-ray absorption microstructure measurement in the analysis of materials field, data acquisition board, and power supply. It was realized high-sensitivity by multiple SDD detector with high-count rate and energy resolution. Additionally, it is possible to be measured high-count rate by a transistor reset processing and DSP processing.
・All effective area: 350mm2 (65mm2 colimated to 50mm2 x 7 elements)
・Function: Histogram, List, Waveform, ROI-SCA.
・ADC: 8CH, 100MSPS, 14bit
・Energy resolution: 244eV@5.9keV MnKα (PT 0.25us, 1000kOCR)
・Interface: Ethernet (TCP/IP)
(400k ICR 185eV@5.9keV 0.25us Peaking time)

・CH: 4CH
・Static Dead Time: 1.5us
・Mode: Spectrum, List
・Throughput: 50kcps and more
・ADC Gain: 16384, 8192, 4096, 2048, 1024, 512
・Power: USB bus power
・Interface: USB 2.0
APG7400A (Front) Catalog
APG7400A (Rear) General configuration

Positron Lifetime Measurement System

Positron lifetime measurement is used for the measurement of vacancy-type defect of semiconductor in materials field. This is an all-in-one positron lifetime measurement system with measurement device and power supply. In the lifetime measurement, the life time is calculated by using 3GSPS, which is imported by high-speed pulse signal from two BaF2 scintillators. In the Coincidence Doppler broadening (CDB), the 2D histogram is made by wave height value of coincidence from two Ge semiconductor detectors. Additionally, these devices can be combine to be measured by AMOC, which is the correlation of lifetime and momentum.
Positron Lifetime Measurement System
Lifetime Mode CDB Mode AMOC Mode

High Resolution Digital Pulse Processor APV8508-14/12Gb (500MSPS)
・ADC: 500MSPS, Resolution 14/12bit, 8CH
・Timestamp: 64bit (Max 55 month) 7.8ps LSB
・Throughput: 1Mcps and more / CH (Histogram mode)
         150kcps and more / 8CH (List mode)
・Analysis mode: List (TDC+QDC etc.), Wave, Histogram, etc.
・Function: (Digital) CFD, TDC, QDC, PSA, (Option) Coincidence
・Interface: TCP/IP, Gigabit Ethernet
・Data transfer: 20MByte/sec and more
・Use example: gamma/neutron discrimination and β-ray  measurement, high-speed/high-resolution scintillator, such as LaBr3, LYSO, etc.
Energy resolution
Wave Analysis example
Time resolution

Digital Signal Processor APN504X GbE
APN504X is a radiation measurement device with digital signal processing (DSP) for X-ray spectroscopy. APN504X does not use conventional spectroscopy amp. It directly input the preamp signal of the detector, such as SDD, Si(Li), SSD, SiPin, etc. And then, it does digital signal processing by high-speed ADC (100MHz, 14bit) and highly-integrated FPGA. The measurements data are Hito, List, and Quick scan. These data transferred to the PC via network. The application is attached without cost.

Quick scan mode is a time resolution measurement. In this mode, it send histogram data to the PC by every outside trigger timing (Min. 10ms), and PC saves data to an HDD consecutively. This mode is most suitable for the QXAFS measurement.
(L: Front, R: Rear)
・CH: 4CH simultaneous sampling
・Resolution (@5.9keV):
 [In the case of 19 elements SSD]
 139eV 6us Peaking Time
 250eV 0.5us Peaking Time, *Comparable Analog 0.25us
 [In the case of SDD (high-resolution type)]
 125eV 2us Peaking Time
 145eV 0.5us Peaking Time, *Comparable Analog 0.25us
・Throughput: 1Mcps and more
・Interface: TCP/IP, Gigabit Ethernet
Emitted light exposure examination  

Technical information

This is a presentation file in "2014 IEEE-NPSS Real Time Conference (RT)".

Not only the summary of the product but also you will find the description, etc. and measurement data and user case studies of basic performance. Please read by all means.

PDF 15.7MB

 X-ray Spectrameter, Gamma Imaging Module, NIM, etc... [22 October 2013]
X-ray spectra meter XS100

NIM Modules


Spectrum Mn-Kα
FWHM < 125eV@5.9leV
Input vsThroghput

Input vs Resolution




Diff CFD 8CH
The XS100 is X-ray spectrometer with SDD detector (30 mm2), which is a high-resolution. The XS100 was downsizing by integrated combination of SDD, DSP, high-voltage power supply and Peltier device. The pre-amplifier signal from SDD detector was carried out DSP processing by ADC (100 MHz, 14 bit) and FPGA. That data is transferred to a PC by USB connection. It was carried out transistor reset processing in an appropriate way. Therefore, it has substantially-improve the throughput.

 SDD 30mm2(active)
・Resolution(2us peaking time) 125eV@5.9keV
・Resolution(0.15us peaking time) 150eV@5.9keV
The APN101(1CH) and The APN102(2CH) is all-in-one digital spectrometer which has high-voltage power supply, preamp power, and MCA (Multi Channel Analyzer).
The APN508 is high accuracy DSP8CH, the APN532 is low cost performance.
The APN408 is differential CFD 8CH.

[DSP Performance]
・1.7keV@1.33MeV (Ge semiconductor detector)
・2.8〜3.5%@662keV (LaBr3(Ce) scintillation detector)
Spectroscopy amp, Timing filter amp, Filter shape output DAC, Pulser (test) output DAC, Auto Pole-Zero Cancelation, Coincidence(Option).
Gamma Imaging Module GIM256
Time Spectrometer APV8702


The GIM256 is a gamma imaging module of pixel scintillator system equipped with PS-PMT. GIM256 is equipped with all hardware (scintillator, PMT, circuit, and etc.) required for gamma-ray measurement.

511keV vs 511 keV timing measurment

22Na energy spectra
(coincidence gated)


WAVE mode

TAC mode
BaF2 vs BaF2
Therefore, it can be gamma-ray energy spectra measurement and 2D gamma-ray imaging by supplying DC5V from outside. The measurement data is suitable for application of high-count, because it can be fast transfer by 1.25 Gbps bidirectional transceiver and light fiber. Additionally, it can apply to applications by using compound with a number of this module, such as PET, and etc

・Crystal LFS(3x3x20mmx16x16 array at the scintillator)
(The scintillator can be changed to LYSO, LSO, GSO, LGSO, BGO and etc. )
・Position resolution 3mm
・Energy resolution 9.5%(typ)
・Time resolution 500ps@511keV
・Throughput > 100kcps
The APV8702 is a spectrometer for time analysis equipped with high-speed 3GHz ADC with each CH. Conventionally, the time analysis needed a number of radiation measurement module, such as differential CFD, delay, TAC, MCA, etc. The APV8702 has integrated them. An operation result is transferred to PC by Ethernet. The APV8702 is available of measurement such as lifetime measurement of positron annihilation.

・Time Resolution 192ps (BaF2 vs BaF2)
・Time Resolution 19ps (Pulser)
・Analysis mode wave height, TAC, waveform
 Digital filter 1.5GHz / 1GHz / 800MHz / 500MHz

Spectrum Survay meter TS215

The TS215 is a spectra survey meter with energy compensated for gamma-ray with 1.5 inch LaBr3(Ce) scintillator. It can be used for dose rate measurement in a wide range. The different time constant chart will be indicated on the LCD color display. Therefore we can check time variation of dose rate and energy spectra in real time. It is possible to the data transfer to PC by using an add-on interface in an optional feature.

・Resolution 2.8〜3.7% (137Cs, 662keV)
・Dose range 0.001μSv/h〜600μSv/h 
 Dose rate, Spectrum measurement,
 Nuclide identification(20 nuclides)

LaBr3(Ce)φ1.5 inch 

Dose mode

Spectrum mode 


 Started selling a digital spectra meter, "DS100" and "DS100L". [6 August 2012]
We will release a digital spectrometer "DS100", which is combined high-voltage power supply, preamplifier, and MCA (multi-channel analyzer). Additionally, "DS100L" is "DS100" with a LaBr3(Ce) scintillation detector.
DS100 DS100L
DS100 with LaBr3(Ce) scintillation detector
The target detectors are a semiconductor detector (Ge, CdTe, Si), a scintillation detector (LaBr3(Ce), NaI(Tl), CsI(Tl)) and the other. It is a common specification that the high-voltage power supply is ±0 〜 4000V, and preamplifier is ±12V and ±24V (compliant with standard NIM). The preamplifier of the detector signal direct input to DS100, the digital signal processing is performed by a high-speed ADC (100MHz・14Bit) and a highly integrated FPGA. The results of digital signal processing was shown a histogram by MCA function. The data is transferred to PC via a USB cable. The resolution is 1.7keV in 1.33MeV at Ge semiconductor detector and 2.8 to 3.5% at 662keV in LaBr3(Ce) scintillator, and throughput is more than 100kcps.
Configuration diagram
Please contact us for more information and spec.

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