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  NEW Start sales of 8 channels high speed & high resolution signal processing board APV8108-14 8 August, 2018
  MCA APG7305A USB-MCA-amp with built-in spectroscopic amplifier function 29 June, 2018

Compact MCA APG7305A USB-MCA-amp with built-in spectroscopic amplifier function

Image of APG7305A

Configuration example
 It is a lightweight, compact MCA that works with USB bus power from PC, which realized semi-Gaussian waveform shaping function of spectroscopic amplifier by digital signal processing. Parameter settings such as shaping time and gain can be changed to programmable by computer.
 It has low noise, wide gain, programmable shaping time, and it is compatible with a wide range of detectors such as semiconductor detectors, proportional counters and scintillation detectors. Moreover, it is possible to obtain very stable high resolution with automatic gated BLR.
 Channel  1 channel
 Shaping time  0.25 μs or more. 0.625 and 0.125 us are not supported.
 Functions  Spectrum mode and WAVE mode
 Throughput  50 kcps or more
 ADC gain  16384, 8192, 4096, 2048, 1024, 512
 Powersupply  USB bus power
 Communication I / F  USB 2.0
 Dimentions  70 mm (W) x 160 mm (D) x 20 mm (H) 
 Weight  Approximately 230g 

Pileup separator processor

 A processor that executes separate in real time is installed in hardware!
Connecting the boards further improves the output!

1Gsps, 14-bit ADC
100Msps, 16-bit ADC

New technical information

The new product above was presented at the "The 2017 IEEE NSS - MIC" held in Atlanta from 24th to 26th November 2017 as a company presentation.

Please read through.
2.8 MB

Sample programs

Sample programs
For the products below, we have prepared a sample program so that you can use it in the program environment created by the customer.
 APN504(X)  NIM  DSP 4 channel with built-in HV and Preamp power supply 
 APU101(X)  Unit  DSP 1 channel with built-in HV and Preamp power supply
 APN101(X)  NIM  DSP 1 channel with built-in HV and Preamp power supply
 APG7400A  Portable  MCA 4 channels, List mode measurement support, USB bus power operation

 Operating environment
 Microsoft Visual C ++   Microsoft Visual C #  National Instruments LabVIEW  Linux
A corresponding model will be added in the future.

Option: Pulse Shape Discrimination

Integrate the specified range individually for TOTAL (full range), FALL (falling part), RISE (rising part) for the waveform collected by the DPP board, and transfer it to the PC via Ethernet as list data. The 2D histogram is displayed based on the integration result. Objects on the vertical and horizontal axes of the histogram can be selected arbitrarily, and data in the specified range can be extracted and a one-dimensional histogram can be displayed


SDD system for vaccum compatible and equipped with focused SDD array

Our Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) system has gained popularity from customers. This product XSDD50-04-25, the focal length of the specimen can be made as short as possible by the detector surface at 25 degrees, and the measuring method can be expanded.

In addition to the excellent counting rate and energy resolution originally possessed by SDD, please enjoy the highest level measurement with the data measurement device APU504XGbE which developed by our development / design specialist at your X-ray beam line.

It can be customized according to your request. Please do not hesitate to contact us for product details.

Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) system for vaccum compatible

We launched manufacturing and selling Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) system which is corresponding to the vacuum. This product has high counting rate and high energy resolution, and therefore it used by Synchrotorn radiation facilities and Photon factory in Japan. This system is possible to measure a light element such as a carbon, and it realize a high sensivity using more element of SDD. We desing and manufacture these kind of product by ourselves, so we customize a diameter and type of flange, the number of element, and the length of cylinder.

 Model XSDD50-04
Detector 4 element SDD, corresponding to the vacuum
1 element SDD, corresponding to the vacuum
Element SDD 65mm2 collimated 50mm2 Window-less or AP3.3 
All element area 260mm2 (65mm2 x 4 element)
Active area 200mm2 (65mm2 x collimated 50mm2 x 4 element) 65mm2 x collimated 50mm2
Vaccum capable <10-5 Pa
Flange type ICF 114 (Standard)  ICF 70 (Standard) 
Transport with bellows corresponding to vaccum
Gate valve and angle valve

Transport with bellows corresponding to vaccum
Power Supply minus 200 V, plus or minus 5 V, plus 3.3 V
Recommende Power Supply APN3900 (NIM)
APV3900 (VME)
APN301 (NIM)
APV301 (VME)
Recommende Measurement board APN504XGbE APU101XSDD

Digital Signal Processor APU101


 APU101 is ALL-in-ONE digital spectrometer which has high-voltage power supply, preamp power, and MCA (Multi Channel Analyzer). Preamp signal of the detector is directly input to the APU101, and the digital signal processing is processed a high-speed ADC (100MHz, 14bit) and high-integrated FPGA. The measurement data will be transferred to the PC via Ethernet.


 Screen of application
 Resolution: 125 keV @ 5.9 keV, Peaking time: 2 us (SDD)
  250 eV @ 5.9 keV @ Peaking time: 0.25 us (multi-SSD)
 Throughput: 1 Mcps and more
 Trapezoidal filter: 0.1 to 12 us
 Functions: ROI-SCA, GATE, VETO, Bias supply (plus or minus 4000 V)

Multi-element SDD fluorescence X-ray

Seven element SDD and Data acquisition and power supply module

of XSDD50-07
 XSDD Series is ALL-in-ONE system which has detector, which is needed X-ray absorption microstructure measurement in the analysis of materials field, data acquisition board, and power supply. It was realized high-sensitivity by multiple SDD detector with high-count rate and energy resolution. Additionally, it is possible to be measured high-count rate by a transistor reset processing and DSP processing.
Screen of application
ICR: 400 k
185 eV @ 5.9 keV
Peaking time: 0.25 us
 ・All effective area: 350 mm2
(65 mm2 colimated to 50 mm2 x 7 elements)
 ・Function: Histogram, List, Waveform, ROI-SCA.
 ・ADC: 8 channel, 100 Msps, 14-bit
 ・Energy resolution: 244 eV @ 5.9 keV MnKα
(Peaking time: 0.25 us, OCR: 1000 k)
 ・Interface: Ethernet (TCP / IP)



Device connection example

 Number of channles  4 channels
 Dead-time  1.5 us
 Measurement Mode  Spectrum and List
 Throughput  50 kcps and more
 ADC Gain  16384, 8192, 4096, 2048, 1024, 512
 Power supply  USB bus power
 Communication I / F  USB 2.0

Positron Lifetime Measurement System


 Positron lifetime measurement is used for the measurement of vacancy-type defect of semiconductor in materials field. This is an all-in-one positron lifetime measurement system with measurement device and power supply. In the lifetime measurement, the life time is calculated by using 3 Gsps, which is imported by high-speed pulse signal from two BaF2 scintillators. In the Coincidence Doppler broadening (CDB), the 2D histogram is made by wave height value of coincidence from two Ge semiconductor detectors. Additionally, these devices can be combine to be measured by AMOC, which is the correlation of lifetime and momentum.
Coincidence Doppler Broadening

Digital Pulse Processor APV8508-14/12Gb (500 Msps)

APV8508-14    APV8508-12
・Timestamp: 64-bit (Max. 55 month) LSB: 7.8 ps
・Throughput: 1 Mcps and more / channel (Histogram mode)
150 kcps and more / channel (List mode)
・Analysis mode: List (TDC + QDC etc.), Wave, Histogram, etc.
・Function: (Digital) CFD, TDC, QDC, PSA, (Option) Coincidence
・Communication I / F: TCP / IP, Gigabit Ethernet
・Data transfer: 20 MByte / sec. and more
・Use example: Gamma and Neutron discrimination and beta-ray measurement, high-speed / high-resolution scintillator, such as LaBr3, LYSO, etc. 

Analysis example 
Wave mode
Histogram mode

Digital Signal Processor APN504X GbE

Front / Rear
 APN504X is a radiation measurement device with digital signal processing (DSP) for X-ray spectroscopy. APN504X does not use conventional spectroscopyamp. It directly input the preamp signal of the detector, such as SDD, Si(Li), SSD, SiPin, etc. And then, it does digital signal processing by high-speed ADC (100 MHz, 14-bit) and highly-integrated FPGA. The measurements data are Histogrum, List, and Quick scan. These data transferred to the PC via network. The application is attached without cost. Quick scan mode is a time resolution measurement. In this mode, it send histogram data to the PC by every outside trigger timing (Min. 10 ms), and PC saves data to an HDD consecutively. This mode is most suitable for the QXAFS measurement.
Emitted light exposure examination
・Number of channels: 4 channels, simultaneous sampling
・Resolution (@5.9 keV):
[In the case of 19 elements SSD]
 139 eV Peaking Time: 6 us
 250 eV Peaking Time: 0.5 us, *Comparable Analog 0.25 us
[In the case of SDD (high-resolution type)]
 125 eV Peaking Time: 2 us
 145 eV Peaking Time: 0.5 us, *Comparable Analog 0.25 us
・Throughput: 1 Mcps and more
・Communication I / F: TCP / IP, Gigabit Ethernet
Technical Information

 PDF 15.7 MB
 This is a presentation file in "2014 IEEE-NPSS Real Time Conference (RT)".Not only the summary of the product but also you will find the description, etc. and measurement data and user case studies of basic performance. Please read by all means.

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