Design and manufacture of electronic circuits
relevant to the instrumentation control and the radiation measurment
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Appareacne Form Models & Functions
  VME Digital Pulse Processor (DPP)

APV8102 (1 Gsps)
APV8508 (500 Msps)
Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

[DSP for Gamma-ray]
APV (U) 8002
APV (U) 8004
APV (U) 8008
APV (U) 8016

[DSP for X-ray]
APV (U) 8002X
APV (U) 8004X
  NIM Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

[DSP for Gamma-ray]
APN (U) 502
APN (U) 504

[DSP for X-ray]
APN (U) 502X
APN (U) 504X
  UNIT All-in-One Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

APN (U) 101

APN (U) 101X
  Ethernet Common to all devices equipped with Ethernet
  PORTABLE Multi Channel Analyzer (MCA)

USB-MCA4 (4 channel MCA)

USB-MCA (1 channel MCA)
  PORTABLE Spectrum Suvery Meter

TS & TN series
  PORTABLE Mini Spectrum Suvery Meter

TA100 (U)
TC100 (S)
 DoseMeter SOFTWARE Dose Meter

TA & TC series
  UNIT Bequerel Monitor

TS & TN series
 Bequerel Monitor SOFTWARE Bequerel Monitor

TS & TN series

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